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Angheliki Worning is a writer and has been a teacher in:

  • Greek language for non-Greek speakers.
  • History of literature and civilisation.
  • French language and literature.


Angheliki Worning, after graduating in French literature from Thessaloniki University, studied French and Greek Literature and fulfilled postgraduate studies.

Then the travelling began: first to France where she studied language, literature and civilisation and she awarded a doctorate (PhD, in Sorbonne 4, Paris) in History of Greek Literature. Then to Denmark, where she furthered her studies in the same subjects. During that period, she contributed some articles in university reviews such as the Bulletin de liaison neo-hellénique (Paris, Sorbonne 4).

Further studying took her to Italy, where she took courses in Italian language and Art History, which gave her cultural perspective and a new learning experience.  Scholarships from the Greek public funding body (IKY) as well as from private and public institutions in Denmark were a much welcome help. As she moved through a part of Europe for the purpose of study and work, she had the chance to learn and practice Danish, Italian and English, in addition to Greek and French which she already spoke.




She has taught History of Literature, History of Civilization and Greek language, in Greece as well as abroad. She started working as a teacher in French language and History of literature at the French School of Thessaloniki, and while in Denmark she had the opportunity to gain a rich experience in teaching Greek language and civilisation at the universities of Odense, Århus and Copenhagen, at the University of People and also at the Studies School, both in Copenhagen. Back to Greece - and until recently - she taught History of Civilisation, History of Art and Literature as well as Greek language to non-Greek speakers, mostly Erasmus students from different countries.

As a complement to her teaching work, she has written a series of instructional handbooks for students of Greek language (Copenhagen, ed. Akademisk Forlag, 1972-9) and Beginner's Greek (Athens, ed. Ion, 2003)  seeking to facilitate active linguistic approach. In addition, a series of general culture books, an introduction in the History of Literature and of Art History: Signpost  1,2 and 3 (Athens, ed. Ion, 1993-9), as well as  A Short History of Greek Civilisation (Athens, ed. Kastaniotis, 1997) with the aim to assist the students’ intellectual and emotional growth.  







            Her interest in poetry impelled her to translate two poetic cycles by Yannis Ritsos: The Sooty Earthenware Pot, into French and Danish and A Blind Man's Writing into Danish, both published in Denmark (ed. Husets Forlag , 1977).

During the same period, her own short stories started being published in various literary journals. Her first collection of short stories, Neither Antigone nor Eleni, (Athens, ed. Kedros and Denmark, ed. Husets Forlag ) was published in 1981. This was followed by two other collections of short stories, Athens of the Vineyards (Athens, ed. Kedros, 1984) and A for Artemis (Athens, ed. Exantas, 1986). 

Then came the novels, With Townplanning Motives (Athens, ed. Odysseas, 1987), The Colossal Aphrodite (Athens, ed. Odysseas, 1989).

A new viewpoint and writing style was marked by the novel Adriana and the Candles (Athens, ed. Metaixmio, 2007).


            By periods, studies in the History of Art, Istituto Dante Aligheri, in Rome. 


           - Photography (first prize of the newspaper City Avisen, Copenhagen)
           - Fitness
- Trekking