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Adriana and the Candles

Adriana 1

Adriana 2 

     The hundred-year-old Adriana reaches New Year's Eve 2000. The story of her life goes alongside with the 20th century and troubled times. Though the cultural mosaic, from her native Northern Greece, to the vast, neoliberal metropolis that is Athens of the 2000s, Adriana has traced a long and persistent path towards the meaning of life and toward the centre of existence.      
     Her birthday is celebrated with the arrival of the new millennium in the nursing home where she spends her last years. Adriana marks this night by a decision not to abandon the world for infinity before clearing up whether and how the psychologist of the nursing home and her beloved friend disappeared.

(Athens, ed. Metaixmio, 2007)


"When Angheliki Worning first appeared in literature, she was a feminist from abroad and wrote short stories about heroines that narrated all their sufferings in a patriarchal society …. The heroine of this new novel comes from a new mould, or rather better, it comes out of any moulds, especially ideological ones. She is a great fictional character, created by a mature writer who knows how to renew the narration with views without limits."       
M. Theodossopoulou, To Vima, daily newspaper, 20.6.2007, Athens


"… There is no doubt however, that by bypassing any excesses there, notably the strong and pervasive poetic mood of the writer, Adriana and the candles is certainly an interesting and largely enjoyable novel."
K,Papageorgiou. Elefphterotypia Newspaper, Library section, 18.7.2008, Athens.