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anna's lover



   All crises have a multifaceted impact. This is a 5-day story, within the current crisis.

   Anna, 37 years old, an actress in an Athenian theatre, travels to an island in the Cyclades in love mode, driven by a desire somewhere between magical curiosity and vital need for confirmation.

   Her goal in going is to meet Pavlos, the captain of a fishing boat who, five weeks earlier, had transported, during the night, the passengers of a stranded ship, including her. That was in the beginning of March. A strong attraction was created between them, and they came close to each other for a short while.

   Anna, however, is not able to meet Pavlos. His unexplainable absence slowly starts smacking of a mystery. Anna then devotes herself to solve the mystery of this disappearance. And then, she faces the unexpected.

Pages: 328

(Athens, ed. Hestia publishing House, 2016, ISBN: 978-960-05-1667-8)